A Note on Dhelm developer library

For whom DHELM library tools are there?

Dhelm library tools are for them who want to do it in the hard way.

Yes, you have read it right-“THE HARD WAY.”

You will get many tools in the market offered by renowned brands which claim to make your life easy by picking the right stock for you. They provide you some back testing tools to test your strategy with past data.

However, have you ever thought, if trading was that much easy, then why not every one makes money in stocks. In more harsh language, most of the folks in the stock market loose money.

You only make money when your strategy is exclusive. To put your exclusive strategy at work there is no shortcut or easy to implement thing.

Are Dhelm developer tools meant for everyone?

Not at all.
– It is exclusively for them who want to do it in the hard way.
– It is exclusively for them who believe that their strategy should be kept secret.
– It is exclusively for them who believe in the power of Artificial Intelligence.
– It is for them who knows that only they can do whatever is best for them.
– Above all it is for those who believe that there is no easy and short cut method of making money and she/he can make money for her/him.

Who can put Dhelm developer libraries at work?

To put it on a selfish note, every community has certain internal instincts and secrets to survive.

We tech guys are no different.

With our knowledge and skills of computation we canĀ  produce stuffs which can do the work of hundreds of people in a short duration of time.

Dhelm developer modules are developed in such a way that only folks with tech knowledge can develop the things in their way.

Is there no business?

Yes business is there.
Obviously we are here to do business.Business is important for everyone’s survival.
Hence we are restricting the use of dhelm core tools for personal use only.
However if you are a tech guy, then those core libraries will be enough for you to put your strategy at work.

Is it not for non technical persons?

Dhelm tools are for everyone. If you are a non technical person we are always here to help you.


About the author:
Pallav Nandi Chaudhuri.
Developer of the DHELM project.
contact: pallav@kncsolutions.in,
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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the above article are personal to the author.